Thriving agency owners know the value of support, coaching and mentorship to scale their Home Care Agency to 6, 7 or 9 figures.

Join our Home Care Millionaires Club and access your GPS to Next Level Success.

We can confidently promise that agency owners that join for a year experience significant improvement in mindset level up your agency and your life.

If the greatest gift to a leader is the ability to live life with purpose and passion, then next
to that is the leaders' ability to exude personal power, confidence, and high self-esteem.

So, What Exactly Is Included In Millionaires Club? 



What is your leadership style? What type of leader are you and what is the impact on your agency’s operation? Test yourself. When you enroll in the Home Care Mastermind, you will receive your personal business DNA test and results. The results may provide you insight that you have never known about yourself.

When you know who you are as a leader and your particular management style, you have access to improve and transform your entire agency. The Leadership test and results are included in your enrollment. Consider the importance of knowing the state of the data and parameters in order to establish objectives, strategies, make decisions and cover everything that is involved in being in charge.

"What is not measured cannot be improved. What is not improved is always degraded”. William Thomson Kelvin



Building a successful Home Care Agency without a success blueprint is like building a house without a blueprint. Be prepared to experience difficult times, delays, challenges and setbacks.  



(Exclusive Access to Elite Support Network)

You are provided 24-hour access to Ace private online community to facilitate business networking, development, ability to interact and leverage the power of having access to an elite group of entrepreneurs and business thought leaders. You never know who you’re going to meet that will be able to send clients your way or help you through a rough patch, so be kind and professional with everyone you meet. 

You have already achieved success. Master the mindset & skills to keep it.

Ideal Applicants

Who should apply? You should Apply if:

✓ You are an agency owner/administrator that desire better work life balance.
✓ You own an agency that generates a million dollars or more in revenue.
✓ You are an agency owner/administrator that desire to grow or scale the agency to a multimillion dollar agency
✓ You are a growth minded agency owner/administrator that needs support and guidance in home care
✓ You are an agency owner/administrator that wants to improve management, operations and leadership
✓ You are an agency owner/administrator that desires to incorporates systems for automation

Tools for Accountability


12 month level up growth plan developed with 90-days, monthly, weekly milestones and key deadlines for accomplishments in the club.



You will meet with the group on a live coaching call and work on your individual growth plan with the team.



Get coaching, mentorship, advice, feedback, motivation and support from an active community of agency owners and a network of industry leaders, business experts, coaches, and consultants all dedicated to your growth and expansion both professionally and personally on virtual calls and in-person events.

Spots are Limited!

1.  We accept applications to apply to the Home Care Millionaires Club few times a year.
2. We have limited space available. Once it’s full, you lose the membership opportunity until it reopens.
3. This is a transformative opportunity to work industry leaders and to surround yourself with a powerful
     network of hand-selected people to help you level up your agency and life.
4. The cost is only $495 per month or a reduced one-time payment of $4,950. You save $990.

DO NOT miss out on this opportunity!
Want to implement systems and structures to grow your business to new levels?
Want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that you can talk to anytime you want?
Ready to become part of a powerhouse community to transform the landscape of your agency?


Agencies in over 50 states will apply, but only a fraction get in.
You will be sent a secure link to submit your application.
We only want people who are serious about being part of growth minded community.
We will review your application and let you know if it is approved within 2-5 business days.
We have limited space available. Once it’s full, you lose the membership opportunity until it reopens.
Today you will pay $495 which will cover your membership application fee.
If your application is declined for any reason, you will receive a 100% full refund.